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Amsterdam door de ogen van: Amerikaans studente Carry

De Amerikaanse studente Carry studeert een jaar in Amsterdam en doet via YouTube verslag van haar ervaringen. Dansen als een Amsterdammer had ze al snel onder de knie. Volgende probleem: omgang met de direchtheid van Nederlanders. Of zijn we eerder kritisch dan direct?

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-1-  JohnNh:
Message for student Carry:
For whom are you making those video's?
If it's for your friends back home in America its perfectly alright
because you are chatting away like if youre together with them on a bus ride home and cant wait to share your experiences.
But if you mean it to be of interest for the people you're talking about "the Dutch" you better make sure they understand you. As you see I am not a beginner writing and talking in English, but I did not get more than half you're telling here. Make sure people are understanding you and do not look out of the window while talking to them. And a r t i c u l a t e, do not be lazy and think you can chatter just as if you're back home. It's nice to keep in mind that that they are listening to someone talking in a strange language, while you're having it easy, much easier.
Is that straightforward? of extremely critical? You choose!
-2-  "Carry":
Hello JohnNh,
This is Caryn (my name isn't actually Carry haha) of carrbarre! Thanks so much for your feedback. These videos are intended for my friends and family back home, but I'll be sure to speak more clearly so they are more accessible for non-native English speakers as well. And yes, you're being critical, but in a good way! I appreciate you helping me make my channel the best it can be. I hope you keep watching my videos and please be sure to let me know if you have any video requests. I would like to make the channel as interesting as possible to viewers.


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